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When can Indian Cities work towards a Greener Planet?

Mumbai, one of the metropolitan cities of India also shares the title of being one of the most congested cities. Not a long time ago, a news report stated that Mumbai is the third most polluted cities among the ten international cities in the world. With this growing population, congestion in traffic has also increased as people prefer to use their personal transportation for commutation.

Studies have shown that one of the major sources of air pollution are transport and traffic and are responsible for approximately one quarter of the particulate matter present in the air we breathe. Recent data reveals that inhaling polluted air causes approximately 4.5 million premature deaths in a year whilst afflicting many more.

A few years ago 12 major cities from around the world, belonging to the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group signed the Fossil-fuel-free-street Declaration , with an agenda to make the major areas free of fossil fuel by the time we reach 2030. The mayors of these 12 cities pledged that they would promote activities like walking, cycling, and the use of public transport for commutation under the declaration.

We definitely acknowledge the fact that six of the 12 metropolitan cities of India are a part of this group dedicated towards bringing global change, but why haven’t the esteemed mayors of these respected cities done anything significant yet,about the global environmental concern that we are facing?

In order to seriously combat climate change the mayors, Kishori Pednekar (Mumbai), Mira Aggarwal (New Delhi), Vishnu Laata (Jaipur), Firhad Hakim (Kolkata), and Saidai Duraisamy (Chennai) of the cities that are a part of the C40 group, need to concede that with the ongoing climate change, all of us are heading towards an eternal damnation. This is the time for them to come up with tougher environmental solutions. Afterall the citizens deserve to reside in a greener and healthier city!

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