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Weekly Plastic Ingestion of Humans

The menace of plastic pollution has been on a steady rise for decades. Supporting this statement, a study conducted by Australia’s University of Newcastle, and commissioned by WWF International has said that us humans might be consuming five grams of plastic each week. That’s the same amount of plastic that goes into making a credit card.

Shockingly enough, the study states that most of our plastic ingestion can be attributed to drinking water, whilst the second major source is the consumption of shellfish. As it is ingested wholly, the plastic that is there inside the digestive system of the shellfish also gets eaten up by the humans.

On a weekly basis, mankind is capable of ingesting over 1700 particles of plastic from drinking water alone.

It is distressing to know that since the year 2000, the world has created plastic worth of all the previous years combined. A third of this plastic is released into Mother Nature.

What will happen if humans consume such large quantities of plastic every week is still unknown, but one can guess that the answer isn’t going to be bright and rosy.

Plastic pollution has latched onto all of us in a way that now it is inside of us. It has now become a major global issue that demands the urgency of everyone’s attention. Incorporating items like bags that are cent percent eco-friendly could definitely count as a small yet significant step towards our combined fight against plastic.

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