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Transforming lives: One woman at a time with Raah Foundation

India is reaching new heights with its growing economy, but at the same time, the gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider. We have been pained to see how a significant section of our society still strives hard to earn a decent income and run their households.

Having moved by their daily struggle, we at Green Canvas have decided to work in this direction and do our bit to support the financial growth of the underprivileged through the Raah Foundation.

With our humble initiative of supporting Project Manini at Raah Foundation we vision to raise the financial and social standing of the women from underprivileged backgrounds. Project Manini aims to promote the financial independence of women, by helping them earn with dignity through skills like stitching, embroidery, etc. And we help them land the opportunity in the form of stitching the Green Canvas Bags!

These women stand a fair chance of contributing to running their households. This not only decreases their financial burden but also boosts their self-confidence when they start feeling self-worth and an elevated stature in the family and social circles.

The lives of these women are transformed in many ways, as they build a community of like-minded women who become their peers in the journey towards growth. Green Canvas, not only advocates for environmental sustainability but also practices initiative to support social sustainability, helping one woman at a time.

Be a part of this Social Reform and give an opportunity of dignified earning to underprivileged women at Raah Foundation by supporting Green Canvas and promoting our cause!

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About Raah Foundation:

Raah Foundation is a registered NGO, based in Mumbai, working on various projects targeted at social and financial upliftment of the under-privileged. These projects have different focus areas like education, skill-training, generating employment and a lot more.

It is a young, dynamic, and professionally run for purpose organisation registered with the charities commissioner of India in 2011.With a focussed and integrated approach to tribal development in Jawhar and Mokhada blocks of Palghar district of Maharashtra, Raah Foundation takes a cluster approach to drive the change and the thrust areas are water security, agriculture, livelihoods, health and hygiene and revival of traditional Warli art. Raah also provides income generation opportunities through ups killing programs to marginalised communities from urban slums!

To check out their initiatives and know more about Raah Foundation visit www.raahfoundation.org

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