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The Thin Blanket

Ozone is to Earth is what armour is to a warrior. It is a shield against harmful Ultraviolet rays reaching the earth from the sun, thus preventing global warming.

We think, how can we protect this thin blanket?

The ozone layer is getting depleted due to increasing pollution and harmful fumes coming out of the condensers. This thinning of ozone is leading to an ozone hole. To prevent depletion, we need to reduce the use of harmful plastic as it is difficult to decompose, and burning the same can lead to the emission of the most toxic fumes which damage the gentle ozone layer.

At Green Canvas, we produce 100%canvas bags that are reusable, are a suitable replacement for plastic, and are biodegradable.

The theme for the World Ozone Day 2020 to be marked on 16 September, is Ozone for life: 35 years of ozone layer protection.

So this ozone day, let’s save the roof of life by making the right choice, saying no to plastic, taking concrete steps, and applying paper policies in real life.

Let’s pay tribute to mother earth!!

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