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Organic Products- Is It Worth The Expense?

According to a survey, about 42 percent of respondents were willing to spend up to 25 per cent more than conventionally-grown food products to buy organic food. A switch to organic food is likely to cost an additional Rs 1,200–1,500 per month for a family, according to a recent ASSOCHAM-EY joint study.

Few questions we need to ask ourselves before getting attracted towards the green pamphlets and sales pitches of the fancy grocery store runners-

  • How much difference does this product make to my health?
  • Are the claims of the seller true regarding it’s nutritional value?
  • How much difference does it make to my grocery bills?
  • Does organic mean “ no GM( genetically modified) varieties?

Once a person finds persuading answers to the above questions, only then he/she shall choose the organic products over others.

Why are organic products costlier than conventional ones?

Organic produce tends to cost more than its conventional equivalent because organic farming is more labour-intensive due to fewer pesticides used. Moreover, due to non-usage of preservatives, the shelf life of organic products is less, and they are produced in limited quantities.

Organic products have many benefits. They are rich in nutrients. Moreover, organic produce is 30% less likely to be contaminated by synthetic pesticides than conventionally grown produce but ensure that these benefits reach you, and you are not cheated by catchy and attractive advertisements by portraying fresh farms and orchards.

Think and ask, is it worth your money?

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