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Men and their ‘motes’

Global fashion and its acceptance have changed over a few decades. And that’s why men and their men totes ‘motes’ are not a new thing. With a little jog down the memory lane, you’ll remember Joey (FRIENDS) and his newfound love and appreciation for ‘man purse’. While previously, it would have been ‘different’ and ‘unacceptable,’ it has come a long way to become practical. Don’t call it ‘gay’ or ‘feminine.’ Because motes have much more purpose than just being labeled.

Apart from being eco-friendly and affordable, these motes allow men to carry much more than what would be restricted. Be it a laptop, notepad, novels, charger, and n number of things. While many may have inhibitions regarding the motes and its acceptability, the market does not lie.

Sales for men’s tote bags rose 11% in 2016, and sales of men’s bags, in general, have also gone up by double digits, as NPD Group told The New York Times. According to IBIS World report, the men’s bag market is now estimated to be worth about $176 billion in 2020.

According to Mintel, 15% of British men bought a man bag last year – and that rises to nearly a quarter between 16-34-year-olds.

Men totes are available in all styles and designs, which resonates with ones’ idea of self. There is no specific style to it, so pick which vibes with you. Don’t think twice if you want to shift to the motes.

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