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House plants that are natural air purifiers

Who doesn’t want to inhale pure air and stay away from dust and pathogens?

Surprised how to do it naturally? Did you know some plants have air-purifying qualities besides providing aesthetic appeal?

Here is a list and some details about indoor plants with unbelievable healing properties, and these are scientifically proven.

Peace Lily – Also known as a spathiphyllum, is an undemanding plant to look after yet can absorb harmful elements like carbon monoxide and benzene. Earmark a corner of your house for them to grow!

Spider Plant – The spider plant is considered among the easiest air-purifying plants to grow. Growing spider plants at home or office help keep diseases like cold, sore throat away, and increase concentration and productivity. Pot one today!

Areca Palm – One of the best tropical foliage plants for larger spaces. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, Areca Palm can reduce indoor pollution, increase air humidity preventing itchy throat and dry eyes, and induce sound sleep. Make it a focal point of your lobby!

English Ivy – NASA Clean Air Study claims that it is the number one indoor houseplant of its air-purifying plants’ list. Plant more Ivys, let them propagate, and inhale the cleanest air without any expensive mechanical purifier!

Anthurium or Flamingo Lily – Enter a hotel lobby and you can see a huge bunch of red flowers which look artificial but are one of God’s creation. Along with giving an aesthetic appeal and freshness, they work towards purifying the air you breathe by removing toxins like Ammonia and Xylene. Plant one at a humid place in your house.

So pot these humble plants which not only give a touch of colour but work harder to clean the air you breathe. Gift yourself a fresh breath of clean air today!

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