Due to Covid constraints we can only deliver canvas bags in early October 2021.

Happy customer diaries

Recently when Green Canvas was taking baby steps, we received a bulk order from Mrs. Geeta Subramaniam from New Jersey, U.S.A for her son’s wedding. Producing such a huge number of bags in the initial days with limited human capital and constrained supply of material was far from a cakewalk.

“” Where should we begin?” was the very first question which came to our mind. The team worked relentlessly on the design optimisation to bring out something memorable for the wedding guests. The bags were to be packed with wedding favours and presented to 80 family members and guests. A unique ‘his and her’ design was chosen, representing both families with Mysore and Jaipur’s themes on either side of the bag.

The sourcing, manufacturing, and printing got executed with the support and collaboration of an effective team. The wedding date was fast approaching, and during the pandemic, the shipping of the bulk order from Mumbai to New Jersey was a tedious and hefty task. Fingers crossed the shipping was done in three weeks window.

The wedding guests loved the idea of eco-friendly canvas tote gift bags.

Here is the review of the bags; it is exceptional because the bride of the family quotes it.

” The custom tote bags we received from Green Canvas for our wedding were stunning!! Great quality, beautiful colors, and we loved the idea that we could represent both the families with Jaipur and Mysore theme. We highly recommend these tote bags to anyone looking for a great return gift idea. Thank you to the whole Green Canvas Team!!”

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