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Eco Packaging

With the emergence of e-commerce, consumers worldwide get products ranging from groceries to electronic gadgets delivered at their doorstep, and the sales of this sort are ever-increasing. Thereby it poses a massive demand for packaging material. With a gulp in my throat, I quote that “55% of the packaging material used is plastic.”Moreover, due to the usage of labels, tags, and tapes, the situation worsens as they make recycling tougher.

We are drowning in a sea of packaging waste, and the time to reach back to the bank is now like sand slipping from the fist. Around 43% of manufactured plastic in India is used for packaging purposes and is mostly single-use plastic. Not only apparel or gadgets but even food packaging accounts for a large part of this figure. Such packaging harms the environment and is also injurious to health.

Moreover, gift wrapping papers pose an added threat to the environment.

What alternatives do we have?

  • Set up a zero-waste packaging goal and work towards it.
  • Use recycled paper envelopes or corrugated shipping boxes.
  • Ditch internal plastic packaging and use glassine or wax bags that are 100% biodegradable.
  • Use thermal labels or recycled shipping labels.
  • Find alternatives to gift wrapping papers like Furoshiki , canvas bags, or bio-plastics.

Many revolutions have already taken place-

A reputed company called Loop is working on the old milkman’s model where they use recyclable packaging. Once the customer has used the contents, he/she can return the packaging material instead of throwing it away, and the company cleans it and reuses it.

Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging(FFP) is a program designed to eliminate excess packaging or “box within a box”shipments.

Getting alcohol in a tetra pack or getting logos on a packing box printed with soy ink or plantable packaging which once sown can germinate into flowers or edible packaging made of Kombucha is no wonder today and is being devised in many parts of the world. Still, it is all about awareness, knowing the consequences of plastic, and making wiser choices to release the mother earth from the trap of plastic.

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