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A how to use a tote bag guide

Tote bags have become more relevant and acceptable in recent times. While these totes are eco-friendly and stylish, one question still arises. What to do with a tote bag? Since early times we have been accustomed to purses, briefcases, backpacks, and others. While they are much in use now too, a tote bag can be a much relevant form of a woven cloth container in some cases.

Here are 5 ways of how to use a tote bag:

  • For running errandsMost relevant for one’s daily errands, a tote is a perfect grocery and vegetable shopping carrier.
  • School or College partnerWho said totes are only for casual use? Say hello to school or college totes. It fits perfect for your laptop or iPad and notebooks.
  • For a week-enderNeed to carry essentials for a weekend getaway? All this can be easily accommodated in a 38×55 cm tote bag.
  • A gym/yoga bagWhile there are things called yoga gym bags and yoga mat straps, a simple canvas tote bag is much more feasible for such activities.
  • For beach picnicsUp for a beachy day? Then look no further, because totes are the perfect companion for your casual sunbath day.

Bonus Totes bags are absolutely the easiest to carry for future purposes. It definitely doesn’t take much space in your suitcase or purses for sure.

Encourage the use of totes in your household and around. Be it kids, house help, or family members. One step goes a long way.

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